Sports Cardiology BC

Our Mission

Clinical Assessment

With the overwhelming existing evidence of the beneficial and preventive effects of exercise, our society is becoming more and more physically active. Our goal is to assess and evaluate athletes to ensure safe participation in athletics.


With an aging population and an overall increase in the participation of regular athletics and exercise in the general population, research in risk factors and warning signs for cardiovascular events must be investigated.


In order to educate the public on the importance of cardiovascular health and help prevent tragic cardiovascular events, Sports Cardiology B.C. will collaborate with local, national and international organizations.


Through the dissemination of results from research investigation and the interpretation of clinical case studies, public education on safe participation in athletics needs to be provided.

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23 December 2015
Upcoming Masters Athlete Testing Date – Jan 9th, 2016

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26 January 2016
Improving Running Enjoyment through Circuit Training and Stretching