Upcoming Testing Dates for the Masters Athlete (>35)

Purpose: We will evaluate the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (i.e. coronary artery disease, valvular disease) and risk factors (i.e. hypertension, dyslipidemia) and the best screening method for detecting these in Canadian masters athletes (recreational and high performance) in order to prevent adverse cardiac events and sudden cardiac death in sport.  We will also determine the prevalence [...]

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“Health and Athletics” – SportsCardiologyBC Education Event!!

Come join Sports Cardiology B.C. for our upcoming free education event at Fortius Sport and Health – 3713 Kensington Avenue, Burnaby B.C. Topics will include: Common sports injuries, the risk-benefit paradox in ultra-endurance athletes, preliminary findings from SCBC's young competitive athlete screening study and a discussion of exciting future projects for the program. Our expert speakers [...]

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Safety at root of athlete screening study (SportsCardiologyBC Study)

Is there such a thing as too much exercise? It’s a question a University of B.C. grad student is exploring with the assistance of renowned sports doctors Jack Taunton and Saul Isserow. Taunton, a former Richmond resident, is supervising the study by Barb Morrison, research and project coordinator at the new Sports Cardiology BC Clinic [...]

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How Stress Affects Your Heart

According to the Heart and Stroke foundation, every 7 minutes someone dies from heart disease in Canada, and 30% of deaths in Canada are caused by heart disease (1). Although, cardiovascular disease can be attributed to genetic factors, lifestyle and environmental risk factors such as smoking, over-eating and lack of exercise have been found to [...]

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UBC researcher aims to identify risk factors for recreational athletes pushing 40

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you’re at risk of heart problems, you’d probably want to find out about them before tackling some kind of vigorous race, right? A grad student at UBC is hoping to save lives by screening thousands of athletes. This comes just over a week after a giant in the local financial sector [...]

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