Athlete’s Heart: Cardiac Remodeling with Vigorous Exercise

Athlete’s heart is a condition consisting of an assemblage of structural and functional changes and adaptations. Firstly, the sort of training that will bring about this condition is at least one hour of exercise every day, although Athlete’s heart is commonly seen in endurance or aerobic athletes like marathon runners, but it can also be [...]

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Sport Cardiology BC Brings Research Study For Masters Athletes To Kelowna And Victoria

For the original article click here: BC Golf Sports Cardiology BC is coming to Kelowna September 12th and 13th and Victoria on October 3rd and 4th to conduct Masters Athlete Heart Health Testing on “Masters” athletes aged 35 years and over for this important study. Many people will know the name Dr. Jack Taunton, who is an [...]

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Stretching: The Hidden Benefits to Health and Fitness

If you ask the layperson what a well-rounded exercise regimen consists of many may respond with a combination of aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility training. Though many people understand they need to stretch, they may not know why they need to stretch. As previously mentioned, the three main types of exercise are aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, [...]

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