Sports Cardiology Symposium at CCC 2016!

SportsCardiologyBC has been accepted to lead a workshop on the burgeoning field of sports cardiology at this year's Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Montreal from October 21st-25th! Programme and registration details can be found here:   We hope to see you there!

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Alcohol and Cardiac Health

Alcohol and Cardiac Health By Emma McIver Alcohol: detrimental or preventive? You have likely heard both sides of the argument and wonder which to believe.  A study conducted in 2006 monitoring almost 2500 test patients aged 70 to 79 with no prior history of cardiac disease suggests that in moderation, alcohol may have a positive effect on cardiac health. The study monitored the [...]

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Daytime Napping and Metabolism

By Susannah Reid, It is common knowledge that we need to sleep well to stay healthy and have the ability to focus and perform well each day. Napping is both a daily routine and a strategy to make up a few hours of sleep. Over the last 30 years’ chronic sleep deprivation has gradually increased [...]

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