Sports Drinks vs. Chocolate Milk: The debate over the optimal post-exercise recovery drink

By Alex Borisov, For high-level athletes engaging in intensive training regimens, quick recovery is of the utmost importance, and one important factor to recovery is nutrition. The most well studied recovery foods are drinks high in carbohydrates, due to their ability replenish lost glycogen stores quickly and assist in rehydration. For well over 20 years [...]

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Is intermittent fasting simply another fad diet?

By Lily Yang, From celebrity-endorsed juice detoxes to the cabbage soup diet, fad diets have a long history of luring people into thinking that they hold the secret key to effortless and painless weight-loss. In recent years, another diet trend, called intermittent fasting, has quickly surged in popularity amongst those vying for fast and effective [...]

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