The purpose of pre-participation cardiovascular testing is to identify underlying cardiovascular disease and provide guidance to athletes diagnosed with heart issues to ensure they perform physical activities in a safe manner

Debunking the Runner’s High

By Lily Yang, Many long-distance runners are driven by their pursuit of the “runner’s high,” which is described to be a feeling of euphoria and invincibility reached after covering lengthy distances. Exercise in general is [...]

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Sports Drinks vs. Chocolate Milk: The debate over the optimal post-exercise recovery drink

By Alex Borisov, For high-level athletes engaging in intensive training regimens, quick recovery is of the utmost importance, and one important factor to recovery is nutrition. The most well studied recovery foods are drinks high [...]

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Is intermittent fasting simply another fad diet?

By Lily Yang, From celebrity-endorsed juice detoxes to the cabbage soup diet, fad diets have a long history of luring people into thinking that they hold the secret key to effortless and painless weight-loss. In [...]

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Donating Blood in Canada: A civil duty?

By Aleks Borisov, A year ago, the National Blood Agency called upon Canadians to donate due to a critically low supply.  Twelve thousand units remained, when 20,000-25,000 units are necessary at all times to adequately [...]

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Understanding Anti-Inflammatory Diets

By Emma Gerrard, When a foreign substance enters your body, your immune system is activated and triggers a process called inflammation, which attempts to protect the area from further harm.1 Short term inflammation is considered [...]

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The Proven Benefits of Yoga

By Emma Gerrard, Yoga is a spiritual discipline, practiced with the goal of bringing harmony between the mind and the body.1 Its creation can be traced back to India over 5,000 years ago.2 Since its [...]

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