The purpose of pre-participation cardiovascular testing is to identify underlying cardiovascular disease and provide guidance to athletes diagnosed with heart issues to ensure they perform physical activities in a safe manner

The Importance of Proper Diet During Training Recovery

By Benny Freedman, Rest between bouts of strenuous exercise is key to allow the body adequate time for recovery. Most athletes understand conceptually that rest and recovery are essential for optimizing performance, but often treat [...]

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Blood Pressure Monitoring: Accuracy is Important

By Paul Clerc, Knowing your correct blood pressure (BP) is important as increased resting BP is correlated with increased stroke risk, cardiac disease and kidney disease 1,2. High BP, typically considered to be >140/90, is [...]

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High-intensity interval training for the busy athlete

By Richard Roberts,   It seems as though with every passing year, we expect to fit more and more into our daily schedule. Work responsibilities, family matters and financial stress are at the forefront of [...]

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Alcohol and Cardiac Health

Alcohol and Cardiac Health By Emma McIver Alcohol: detrimental or preventive? You have likely heard both sides of the argument and wonder which to believe.  A study conducted in 2006 monitoring almost 2500 test patients aged 70 to [...]

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Daytime Napping and Metabolism

By Susannah Reid, It is common knowledge that we need to sleep well to stay healthy and have the ability to focus and perform well each day. Napping is both a daily routine and a [...]

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The Benefits of Foam Rolling

By Jordan Robertson Posture is a necessary component in the success of any movement-based activity in daily living. Whether simply bending over to pick up a box from the floor or running a marathon, movement [...]

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