Improving Running Enjoyment through Circuit Training and Stretching

By Jordan Robertson, Many individuals today enjoy running as a source of recreational fitness, while others use running as a form of competition. Both sets of individuals may find that they have more than just their love of running in common. Many distance runners frequently experience low back pain as a result of consistent compressive [...]

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Alterations in cardiac structure and function at high altitudes

By Tommy Kirkham, As winter continues in British Columbia, more and more athletes will venture up to the mountains to enjoy various Nordic sports from skiing and snowboarding to ice climbing and mountaineering. An important aspect to remember about higher elevation is the reduced atmospheric oxygen pressure. That is to say that high altitudes are [...]

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The ‘Weekend Warrior’

Increasing your participation in exercise, comes with a direct increase in health benefits conferred; we all know this to be true. However the extent of our health is not solely dependent on our exercise regime. The way we pace out our weekly exercise regime can significantly change our overall health. In particular, athletes labeled as “weekend warriors”, people who fulfill the recommended amount of exercise in only one or two outings, are labeled as higher risk of developing health issues compared to people who exercise 4-5 times a week. […]

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Sleep and Heart Health

By Gena Krikler, Sleep is important for overall health, and for the normal functioning of many systems. Although there is no clear understanding of why sleep has evolved in animals, it is evident that it is very important for humans to sleep between 6-10 hours per night to maintain their health. The adverse effects of [...]

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Exercise and heart rate recovery following coronary bypass surgery

 By Tommy Kirkham Coronary bypass surgery is a procedure performed on patients who have a blockage or blockages in their coronary arteries caused by atherosclerotic plaques induced by coronary artery disease or from a myocardial infarction (heart attack) (Mayo, 2014). Coronary bypass surgery is performed if the blockage induces symptoms of chest pain, shortness of [...]

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I need some R & R: The importance of including rest and recovery into an exercise regime

By Emma McIver, Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, once said “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” For the most part we seemed to have embraced the concept of moderation in terms [...]

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Muscle Fiber Types

By Andrew Golin,   Movement is one of the most distinctive characteristics of human life. Body motion is facilitated by specialized cells called muscle fibers and is controlled by our nervous system (1). Three broad classes of muscle fibers exist: skeletal, cardiac and smooth. Skeletal muscle fibers are multi-nucleated long fibers that have a cross [...]

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Dental Health and Heart Disease

By Gena Krikler, Due to its high prevalence, and potentially life-threatening consequences, the prevention and treatment of heart disease is a prominent area of research. It has been suggested that there may be a link between inflammatory diseases and heart health. Periodontal disease is a form of dental disease caused by poor dental health. It [...]

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