Exercise and participation in sport is incredibly healthy and ultimately low risk. However, screening tests can provide strong value for athletes as they are pushing their bodies past the normal endurance limits. Irrespective of the activity, the heart is under tremendous strain. If this is coupled with some pre-existing factors, the already increased likelihood of damage is further amplified.

The SportsCardiologyBC clinic assists athletes in staying active and ensuring continued safety while participating in sport and exercise.

The SportsCardiologyBC team has evaluated thousands of recreational, collegiate, provincial, national and professional level athletes across British Columbia.

It starts with a family practitioner or GP filling out the referral form which includes:

  •  Family history (cardiac, or any young sudden deaths)
  •  Symptoms (Chest Pain-exercise related, Severe Breathlessness, Palpitations, Prolonged Dizziness, Fainting/Blackouts, etc)

The clinic secretary will then make contact you to arrange the next steps. These could include telephone interviews, consultations, screening tests and diagnostic evaluations.

Download referral form

Download SCBC Cardiovascular Screening Questionnaire