Our clinic plays a leading role in sports cardiology research and determining best practices for clinically treating athletes, pre-participation evaluation of athletes and optimal training doses and methodology.

Current research:

“Hypertensive response to exercise and atrial arrhythmia study”DETAILSINTERESTED PARTICIPANTS

“Evaluation of Pre-Participation Screening and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Masters Athletes in British Columbia” – SUMMARY LETTER EXPLANATION

“Cardiorespiratory fitness and aortic valve regurgitation: progression of severity and time to aortic valve replacement”

Firefighters in Burnaby, B.C.: The Impact of a 5-Year Exercise and Diet Intervention Program on Cardiovascular Health, Aerobic Fitness and Quality of Life” 

 Past Research:

“Time of Day Study: When is the safest time of the day to exercise?”

“CIS Pre-participation Cardiovascular Screening Survey”

“Prevalence of Cardiac Disease in British Columbia for Young Competitive Athletes – Sports Cardiology B.C. Heart Screening”

For current or prospective participants, or anyone interested in a particular study, please visit our Contact Us page to direct your inquiry to the appropriate SCBC team member.

For Interested Participants